Jake Corman v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association

June 25, 2013

Senator Jacob Corman
Centre County District Office
236 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823

RE: Jake Corman v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, Case Number 1 MD 2013

Dear Senator Corman:

Child sexual abuse is not an issue with geographical boundaries or state borders. The case referenced above reminds all of us that child sexual abuse can and does happen anywhere, even within the hallowed halls of great institutions of American learning and athletics. It reminds us that the root causes are not based on any specific or unique local circumstances, but is an issue that affects us all. We probably all agree that it is our collective obligation to address it together.

The case before the Court presents an opportunity to make a powerful statement, not only in Pennsylvania, where more than 3,400 Pennsylvania children were victims of child sexual abuse in 2011, but across the United States, where an estimated 135,300 children across the United States were victims of child sexual abuse in that same year. That statement is that every child deserves an equal opportunity for healthy and safe development.

In making a decision as to how and where the Penn State fine funds will be directed, please consider the following:

1.) While the Penn State scandal seriously undermined the credibility and reputation of valued institutions, a decision that would favor directing the fine funds both to Pennsylvania and other states would help the state claim a national leadership role in combatting a problem that knows no state boundaries.

2.) To date, federal and state agencies have not consistently provided any significant funds to support child sexual abuse prevention initiatives. National and local foundations are far behind in even considering funding to address the problem. Directing the fine funds to support prevention efforts across the country would serve to heighten awareness of the problem among these funders, highlight the critical role and responsibility funders must play in supporting solutions, and leverage new dollars to increase the impact of the Endowment Fund; all of which helps the people and children of the Commonwealth.

3.) Funds directed across the nation to vetted programs would help Pennsylvania identify and implement comprehensive strategies to prevent child sexual abuse based on the tested approaches and “next generation of strategies” of other states over the past decade. Such strategies would include the fostering of public/private and multidisciplinary collaborations, the education of parents and other individuals, the training of professionals, the development of policies for schools and youth-serving organizations, and legislative advocacy all focused on the mission of preventing child sexual abuse in the first place.

These funds could deliver exceptional value to new and expanded efforts both in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, given the scarcity of child sexual abuse prevention funding. For the past decade, exciting progress has been made in the development of research-informed prevention programs to prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to both augment current local efforts and learn from the innovative work already occurring in other states; work that can be enhanced and accelerated by distributing the funds nationally.

Pennsylvania has the chance to be a national leader in the effort to eradicate child sexual abuse across the country and by that action, benefit from it as well within the state. The Commonwealth has the nation’s attention and it is in this moment that Pennsylvania can transform a horrific tragedy into a new national movement to confront and address a silent epidemic affecting children nationwide. It is a rare and powerful moment.

Please feel free to contact me personally if our organization can be of any assistance to you, now or in the future.


James M. Hmurovich
President & CEO

Cc: National Board of Directors
Prevent Child Abuse America
Donald Remy, Chief Legal Officer, NCAA

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A Celebration of Congress and a Push for More


A Celebration of Congress and a Push for More

Yesterday the U.S. Congress stepped up in a big way to pass legislation that can make a real difference in the lives of children and families and help promote great childhoods for children.

When the U.S. Senate passed a major piece of reform legislation known as the “doc fix,” they included language that would reauthorize funding for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) for two years at a level of $800 million. These funds programs like Healthy Families America that are proven to improve parent-child attachment and family self-sufficiency, and reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect. 

Congress could have easily ignored MIECHV and chosen to spend the money elsewhere. Instead, they prioritized children and the future of our country to fund a program that helps create equal opportunities for all children and families to succeed. 

While it may be coincidence that this happened in April which is Child Abuse Prevention month, it serves as a reminder of the importance of taking action today to make for a better  tomorrow, and that all of us play a role in the healthy development of our nation’s children.

“I applaud members of Congress for their tremendous work in passing this bill and securing funding for children,” said Jim Hmurovich, President & CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America. “They have set a true example for the rest of us to follow, not only during Child Abuse Prevention Month, but for the rest of the year as well.”

The legislators who voted yes played a major role in the passing of this legislation, but so did all of the people who called their federal elected officials. As these engaged advocates have shown, it can take only a few minutes out of the day to do something that has a real impact  on all of our the futures. 

While advocating for legislation that impacts families in communities across the nation is a tremendous accomplishment, there are small everyday actions that we can all engage that have an impact as well:

A coach who volunteers her time at an after-school program so that parents have a safe place for their kids to go to after school while the parents are still working is playing a role.

A man who offers to babysit for a single parent so that the parent can have a night to relax and de-stress is playing a role.

A group of neighborhood friends who organize a block party so that families in the neighborhood can get to know each other and reduce the risk of isolation are playing a role.

There are many different ways that each of us can make a difference in the lives of children and families. To learn more about other everyday actions you can take, visit Connect the Dots.

“At Healthy Families America, our goal is to help families reach their fullest potential for all children to have a great childhood, and MIECHV is a critical component to the spread and success of our program,” said Cyd Wessel, National Director of Healthy Families America. “Funding from this program will go towards thousands of families across the country who would not have access to these services without it, and we are grateful to members of Congress for their support the work of MIECHV.”

We are grateful to the U.S. Congress for being an example of this during a month that has been used to recognize prevention as a solution since 1983.  Now it’s our turn, for each of us to ensure that Congress’ example does not go unnoticed. We all have a role to play to connect the good works that are going on throughout the country. What will your dot be? 

Good Morning America's Ginger Zee Teams With Prevent Child Abuse America to Mark April as Child Abuse Prevention Month


 'Good Morning America's' Ginger Zee teams with Prevent Child Abuse America to mark April as Child Abuse Prevention Month

Ginger to be joined by hundreds of volunteers in Times Square on April 7th to create massive pinwheels display to promote great childhoods for all children

NEW YORK, NY, APRIL 6, 2015 – “Good Morning America’s” Ginger Zee is teaming up with Prevent Child Abuse America on Tuesday, April 7, at New York City’s iconic Times Square to call the city, state and nation to act in support of providing great childhoods for all children. Hundreds of volunteers will join Zee and Prevent Child Abuse America at 9:00am EDT on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd to display thousands of pinwheels – the national child abuse prevention symbol – to mark Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“I can think of nothing more important than helping children get off to good starts early in life,” said Zee. “That’s why I’m proud to join Prevent Child Abuse America today. I am pledging my support to emphasize the importance of great childhoods for all children, and I am calling on all New Yorkers, and people across the country, to do the same!”

The New York “Big Pinwheel Garden” will be the second major event in a month-long series of activities for Prevent Child Abuse America and its 50 state chapters nationwide promoting child abuse prevention. Prevent Child Abuse America kicked-off the month with a Big Pinwheel Garden in the organization’s home city of Chicago on April 1st, and Tuesday’s event in New York represents the third consecutive year the organization is turning the “Big Apple” into the “Big Pinwheel” for child abuse prevention.  Hosting the event again will be Cristina Cuomo of Manhattan magazine. 

To support the campaign, the public can:

- Help a neighbor or family in need by doing one of the suggested actions on our Take Action page

- Make a difference locally by volunteering for the Prevent Child Abuse America chapter in your state; find your chapter at here.

- Donate at www.preventchildabuse.org/pinwheels2015

“As we continue our work to make an impact on the lives of children and families, we hope that others grow to recognize and celebrate the pinwheel in the same way that we do today,” said Jim Hmurovich, President and & CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America. “At the same time, it is important to remember, while the pinwheel symbolizes the great childhoods we want for all children, it cannot move by itself.  We need people to be the force that moves the pinwheel to bring about real change for children in the United States.”

The New York Big Pinwheel Garden is also generously being supported by the Kappa Delta and Sigma Delta Tau Sororities, Chartwells and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


Great Childhoods. Great Logo.


We're proud to unveil our new logo bearing the pinwheel!

As we kick-off Child Abuse Prevention Month today, we are proud to unveil our new logo and that of our 50 state chapters featuring the pinwheel!  

Since the launch of the Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign in April 2008, when the pinwheel was first introduced as the national child abuse prevention symbol, it has come to stand for the great childhoods all children deserve because our children are our future.  

And yet as much as the pinwheel moves us, it cannot move on its own. Be the force that moves the pinwheel and help bring about real change for children this April by:

- Volunteering at your local chapter,

- Creating a fundraising page for the Day of Giving on April 7,

- Planting your own Pinwheel Garden, or

- Giving today to support great childhoods for all children

Join us this April and you can help make Child Abuse Prevention Month a great success!

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