June 25, 2013

Senator Jacob Corman
Centre County District Office
236 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823

RE: Jake Corman v. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, Case Number 1 MD 2013

Dear Senator Corman:

Child sexual abuse is not an issue with geographical boundaries or state borders. The case referenced above reminds all of us that child sexual abuse can and does happen anywhere, even within the hallowed halls of great institutions of American learning and athletics. It reminds us that the root causes are not based on any specific or unique local circumstances, but is an issue that affects us all. We probably all agree that it is our collective obligation to address it together.

The case before the Court presents an opportunity to make a powerful statement, not only in Pennsylvania, where more than 3,400 Pennsylvania children were victims of child sexual abuse in 2011, but across the United States, where an estimated 135,300 children across the United States were victims of child sexual abuse in that same year. That statement is that every child deserves an equal opportunity for healthy and safe development.

In making a decision as to how and where the Penn State fine funds will be directed, please consider the following:

1.) While the Penn State scandal seriously undermined the credibility and reputation of valued institutions, a decision that would favor directing the fine funds both to Pennsylvania and other states would help the state claim a national leadership role in combatting a problem that knows no state boundaries.

2.) To date, federal and state agencies have not consistently provided any significant funds to support child sexual abuse prevention initiatives. National and local foundations are far behind in even considering funding to address the problem. Directing the fine funds to support prevention efforts across the country would serve to heighten awareness of the problem among these funders, highlight the critical role and responsibility funders must play in supporting solutions, and leverage new dollars to increase the impact of the Endowment Fund; all of which helps the people and children of the Commonwealth.

3.) Funds directed across the nation to vetted programs would help Pennsylvania identify and implement comprehensive strategies to prevent child sexual abuse based on the tested approaches and “next generation of strategies” of other states over the past decade. Such strategies would include the fostering of public/private and multidisciplinary collaborations, the education of parents and other individuals, the training of professionals, the development of policies for schools and youth-serving organizations, and legislative advocacy all focused on the mission of preventing child sexual abuse in the first place.

These funds could deliver exceptional value to new and expanded efforts both in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, given the scarcity of child sexual abuse prevention funding. For the past decade, exciting progress has been made in the development of research-informed prevention programs to prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to both augment current local efforts and learn from the innovative work already occurring in other states; work that can be enhanced and accelerated by distributing the funds nationally.

Pennsylvania has the chance to be a national leader in the effort to eradicate child sexual abuse across the country and by that action, benefit from it as well within the state. The Commonwealth has the nation’s attention and it is in this moment that Pennsylvania can transform a horrific tragedy into a new national movement to confront and address a silent epidemic affecting children nationwide. It is a rare and powerful moment.

Please feel free to contact me personally if our organization can be of any assistance to you, now or in the future.


James M. Hmurovich
President & CEO

Cc: National Board of Directors
Prevent Child Abuse America
Donald Remy, Chief Legal Officer, NCAA

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Prevent Child Abuse America, its VA and MD Chapters to Celebrate Great Childhoods at ‘National Pinwheel Garden’ on National Mall

Prevent Child Abuse America, its VA and MD Chapters to Celebrate Great Childhoods at ‘National Pinwheel Garden’on National Mall

General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Sigma Delta Tau,  Kappa Delta and Chartwells K12 to Partner on October 13th event

CHICAGO, IL October 7, 2015 – On Tuesday, October 13, Prevent Child Abuse America and its Virginia and Maryland chapters will celebrate the great childhoods that all children deserve with a “National Pinwheel Garden” at 11:00am ET near the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The pinwheel, derived from Prevent Child Abuse America’s Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign, is the symbol for child abuse prevention, introduced by the organization nationally in 2008.

The public and members of event partners General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Sigma Delta Tau, Kappa Delta and Chartwells K12 are being invited to celebrate the people who helped them enjoy great childhoods by having pinwheels planted in their honor in the National Pinwheel Garden.

Individuals can purchase and dedicate pinwheels at www.preventchildabuse.org/greatchildhoods through Monday, October 12. On Tuesday, October 13, the pinwheels will be planted on the National Mall.

“The pinwheel allows us to engage people in a new way,” said Prevent Child Abuse America President and CEO James M. Hmurovich. “It provides us with an engaging device to move beyond merely making people aware of child abuse prevention, but motivating them to take action on its behalf. From acts big and small, from providing busy parents with a break to signing onto letters to Congress, each of us can, and must, play a role in ensuring great childhoods for our nation’s children. This event in the nation’s capital is one more way to convey that message to the country.”

The National Pinwheel Garden is part of a nationwide series of pinwheel-themed events staged by Prevent Child Abuse America and its 50 state chapters throughout the year to promote the actions we can all take to help ensure great childhoods for all children. 

Jared Fogle and the Roles We Can All Play in the Lives of Children

Jared Fogle and the Roles We Can All Play in the Lives of Children

CHICAGO, IL, August 21, 2015 – When we hear stories like that about former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle who has been charged with child pornography and child prostitution, it can be shocking. It can cause confusion. It can cause anger. And these reactions make sense.

However, we can’t allow these reactions to prevent us from taking action, because at Prevent Child Abuse America we know – and the research shows – that there are steps that each of us can take that can help prevent a situation like this from happening in the future.

At Prevent Child Abuse America we believe that all children deserve great childhoods because our children are our future. This seems like such a simple sentiment, but it drives our work every day, because it speaks to the many things that we want for our children – all children – and our nation: healthy, productive adults who have a positive impact on the communities they live in.

We’re sure that you want that too, but at the same time recognize that it is often difficult to act without knowing what to do. In light of this story, we’ve compiled some ideas on how you can make a difference in the lives of children and families in your community, and help you turn your natural feelings of anger or confusion into positive and proactive steps that can make a difference.

For parents, please note that the children in this story appear to have been accessed on-line, and so parents, you must be conscientious in monitoring your children’s on-line use. To quote the Six Pillars for Prevention from National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, “Today’s children and youth have never known a world that is not filled with technology. Since technology is now an integral part of all our daily lives, parents must be diligent in who can access our children and youth.”

For ideas about how to do this, you can use resources like “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety” from the FBI.

For our communities, we must work together to end the demand for children as sexual commodities. Rather than responding after the harm and focusing on how to reduce risk for potential victims, we have to identify factors that feed demand for children to be viewed as sexual objects in mainstream media, takes away barriers to sexually abusing/exploiting children, makes it easier to access child sexual abuse images or children/teens depictions in pornography and/or children to buy to sexually exploit.

And for our legal system, we must attend to child victims of sex trafficking as victims, not sex workers. Children, by definition are developmentally incapable of giving consent, even if they think they did. They are victims and deserve to be treated as such. The adults who exploited them must be held accountable and the children offered the help they deserve.

On this final point, we want to be clear: we should not be prosecuting kids who are victims, and many states have passed Safe Harbor laws to avoid doing just that. You can learn more about these laws at the American Bar Association.

“As we work at Prevent Child Abuse America to prevent the abuse and neglect of children before it can ever occur,” said James M. Hmurovich, President & CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America, “we look at strategies that can involve everyone from individuals and families to communities and law makers. This troubling story of Jared Fogle has lessons for all of these areas, and in all of these areas there are roles we can, and must, play.”

Announcing Anita Odom as Senior Director of Chapter Services

Announcing Anita Odom as the Senior Director of Chapter Services

Prevent Child Abuse America is pleased to announce the addition of Anita Odom to The National Office Team beginning September 14, 2015. She will assume the responsibilities of the Senior Director of Chapter Services.

Anita is a well-known and respected member of our organization having served as the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Florida for the past four years. Thanks to her work with the Ounce of Prevention Fund and the Prevent Child Abuse chapter in Florida, Anita is experienced and knowledgeable of chapter network operations. Her “can-do” attitude will serve all of us well in this new role.

Anita is a graduate of Janus Pannonius University in Hungary, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Educational Administration. She is also a graduate of Florida State University, Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Sociology. Prior to beginning her career with the Ounce of Prevention Fund in 2004, Anita worked as a Program Assistant and then Program Coordinator for the National Philharmonie in Hungary.

In addition to serving as the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Florida, Anita is also familiar with our Healthy Families America program thanks to her time working as the Healthy Families Plus Program Coordinator in Florida from September 2006 to September 2011.

Please join me in welcoming Anita to the Prevent Child Abuse America National Office. Anita can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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